Who this is for?

Anyone who would like to grow as a peacemaker in their personal life and to serve others as a reconciler when conflicts arise. This workshop may be of particular interest to Pastors, church workers, teachers, counsellors, elders, pastoral carers, and other leaders but it is designed to benefit all individuals who serve as informal peacemakers within their families, congregations, workplaces and communities.

Why will this benefit you?

Living out our baptismal faith in relationships on a daily basis is challenging. The responsibility of leading others to live out their baptismal faith adds further weight to this challenge! The Blessed are the Peacemakers workshop will develop your understanding of God’s Word of Law and Gospel to help you to practically apply it as you live out your baptismal faith in your relationships with others. You will also receive practical skills that enable you to work through conflict in ways that give witness to what Christ has done to reconcile us to God. Your participation in this workshop will encourage you to bring blessing to your marriage, family, church, workplace and community. We encourage you to approach this training with confidence in God’s desire and ability to help you develop these life-changing skills. He is eager to give good gifts to his people and strengthen his church.

For all LCA Pastors or Layworkers, teachers and employees, this training qualifies for profession development (PD) hours. LCA Layworkers may be eligible for training subsidies through LCA Church Worker’s Support. Please enquire at churchworkersupport@lca.org.au for further information.

For Australian Lutheran College Certificate IV CMT Students enrolled in the subject Christian Reconciliation, students are required to register online. All student training costs and associated reading materials are included in ALC subject fee paid to ALC.

For those who have attended a Blessed are the Peacemaker’s workshop previously and would like to undertake the workshop as a refresher, please select “refresher” in registration type.