Here are some comments from those participating in the workshop:

Do it!  You will be a leader.  Do it!  Because you have no idea what you have missed.  Do it!  Because you love your congregation.  Engaging, enlightening and enjoyable.

Essential for all members of committees and congregation members whose paid or voluntary duties involve children.

Very worthwhile.  Learnt plenty.

Not just ticking a box but reminds us of the vulnerable in our congregations and how we need to minister to them.

Very, very worthwhile.  I enjoyed the presentation.  The presenters were really interesting and engaging.

"Facilitators were open, respectful, humorous, knowledgeable, realistic, engaged well with participants and took all questions and comments seriously."

"You don't realise how important this is until you do it. I expected it to be 'boring' administrative training information ('do it because we have to) but it turned out that it is really about because we care."

"I expected this would be a necessary but boring session. I found it to be extremely interesting and engaging and I am now convinced that it is a necessary session for all leadership roles and of great use to everyone else."

"I would encourage everyone, ... to attend this workshop. These are all things you need to know. If you are a leader in your congregation you should invest in this training."

“As a youth leader in our congregation this has been a well spent day!  I have learnt a lot regarding Duty of Care and understanding the perceptions and needs of others.  It is important to put plans in place both to protect the individual participants and the whole church.”

“This course is an extremely important course as you may think you are aware of what it means to be safe and avoid future risks but through the interaction of those attending the course, you will learn from other people’s point of view and what it really means to be safe.”

“Challenging day and content that opened my eyes to responsible risk management”

“It is important for all members in a leadership role to do this training as this ministry cannot be done in isolation.  Every member has an obligation not only to children, but to other members.”

“I thought the Safe Place training Course would be very boring, but it was just the opposite.   I learned a lot and was also entertained.”

“This is a very valuable tool for equipping church members to be more aware of their responsibilities of  care.”


"A must not only for people in positions of trust, but for all members of all congregations."

"Worthwhile 6 hours"

"Fantastic presentation;  very informative and enjoyable."