LCAQD Convention of Synod 29-30 May 2015 Post Synod Reports

We hope you enjoyed the 48th Convention of Synod. Please find below useful information:


LCAQD Convention of Synod 29-30 May 2015

Note: This 2015 Synod section will be left in place as an archive under the general Synod area.

Good News Lutheran Church 45 Horizon Drive Middle Park

The Convention of Synod for 2015 is being hosted by the Good News Congregation at Middle Park on Friday Night 29 May and Saturday 30 May 2015. As there is a General Convention of Synod later this year at Redeemer Lutheran College Rochedale there will not be a Sunday program at our annual convention. The theme for our Convention this year is from Psalm 100.2 Worship the Lord with Joy.

Congregations are encouraged to ensure delegates bring a Synod Offering with them
There will be a Friday night function and a Saturday night dinner.
All are reminded that invoices for delegates are issued to Congregations and Colleges.
Delegates must go on-line to register that they will attend (or submit an apology) and indicate meals, book of reports, elective and other requirements they may have. 

  • Synod 2015 Book of Reports is here
  • Synod 2015 Program is here
  • Synod 2015 Registration is here
  • Synod 2015 Accommodation is here


Good News Lutheran Community Church is where it's all happening, and here's and introduction to the church (click to download). Getting there is easy when you have Google Maps! Please click on the map below to open a full page version in Google Maps (in a new window).

google maps-good news lutheran church

And just to make sure you don't run into too much trouble, the site plan is available as a PDF download here; but to make it easy it's also incloudeed below as an embedded picture :-)

2015 synod site plan colour-550w