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Convention of Synod 2011 is being held at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Buderim from 13-15 May  (site plan).  The theme this year is Based on Psalm 86.11 Teach me your way, O Lord.  The President LCAQD invites all to attend what will be a most informative and important convention.

Reports.  Following on from last year’s synod, reports and other documentation are once again be available on-line through this web site.  (They will be uploaded as soon as they are received) This mean that, all members of the LCAQD, will be able to read the reports and be informed of happenings in the District.   The reports can be downloaded and saved onto your computer, or you may choose to print locally what you may require.  Immanuel will also be providing wireless access points in the Church that should allow you to connect to the local area network and access reports on-line.  In addition, hard copies of reports can be purchased through our on-line ordering system.

Traffic.  The Highway from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast is a wonderful highway when all is going well.  It is strongly recommended that leave plenty of contingency time to cater for navigating through events that slow traffic flow.

Calculating Delegate Numbers.  Information entered on LAMP has been used  to calculate the number of delegates each Congregation is to send and pay for.  If the number on the drop down list is wrong please contact District Office (after you have checked your LAMP statistics are accurate and up to date)

Synod Offering  2011
The Synod Offering for 2011 will go to support the Queensland Students attending Australian Lutheran College.  (DCC Resolution 11:032)

Mission Stimulus Grant Fund
Good ideas can go begging because you just don't have the money
Have you ever had a good idea for the mission of your congregation, but the congregation couldn't do it because it cost too much? Would $20,000 help? Well, now's your chance to try again......  READ MORE

Wireless Internet Access
Immanuel Buderim will have wireless internet access in the worship centre for the week preceding and week-end of the Synod.Constitution and By-Law Changes.

LCAQD Constitution and By Laws
This year a number of changes to the LCAQD Constitution and By-Laws have been proposed.  Documents relating to the changes are below for your consideration.  Proposed changes are expected to be discussed on the Saturday Morning of Convention.  A copy of the current LCAQD Constitution and By-Laws Part A are on this web site under the Governance Tab.

Document 1
Explanatory material for proposed Changes to By-laws Part B Section 7
Fundamental understandings for Structural Review
Document 2
Draft Structure DIAGRAM of the LCQD
Document 3
Constitutional Matters 
Document 4
DCC Governance Policies




Banner and Logo

The banner and logo for synod this year are based on God’s Word – God’s World and Teach me your way, O Lord (Ps 86.11)

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Registering for Synod

As promised at Synod last year, registration for Synod 2011 is now on-line and like any online payment system will require you to have a credit card ready to go. If you would like to see how many delegates  you need to register click here to view the Synod 2011 Delegate Registrations document.

To complete the on-line payment transaction on the LLL web site you will need to ensure you have ‘flash player’ installed on your system.

Not able to attend Synod? If your Parish or Congregation or Pastor or Principal or otherwise entitled delegate is unable to attend synod, you are requested to purchase an apology ticket. This will ensure that, as a matter of protocol, an apology is registered, and you also meet your requirement to pay for delegates whether they attend or not.

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It is a tourist area.  There is accommodation to suit every budget and style. It is recommended you visit a web site, make enquiries and make a booking.

Please be aware that no billeting will be offered this year.

 Accommodation e.g. motel, units, caravan park, etc., need to be organized, as soon as possible, by the delegates directly with the specific accommodation organizations chosen. The Sunshine Coast Council tourist web page is recommended as a source of information for accommodation and general tourist facilities available on the Sunshine Coast:

Luther Heights Youth Camp Accommodation

(1592 David Low Way, Point Arkwright, Qld 4573). Peter Schilling from Luther Heights is to hold one dormitory and the two small family rooms to be available during Synod for accommodation of delegates who may not be able to pay the higher rates charged by motels/units, etc. The accommodation cost will be $20 per person per night. Luther Heights is approximately 20 km north of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Inquiries should be made directly to Peter Schilling (PH: 07 5446 1135).


You should not expect to be able to arrive on the day and purchase a lunch or a dinner.  Prior registration and payment is essential.

Meals should be ordered on your registration forms, and payment included with registration.

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