Synod 2010

Synod Flyers

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Synod 2010 Convention

300-DancingLCAQD Convention of Synod - 14, 15, and 16 May 2010 and Workshop Electives

Venue:  Bethany Raceview
The Theme:  All People – God's
More than just a meeting, it’s a convention!
It’s not just for synod delegates but also for everyone to attend.
We want youth workers, kids, church leaders, small group leaders, council members, mission hearted members, regular members, treasurers, safe place coordinators, secretaries, young and old to attend.
There will be workshops, seminars, discussion groups occurring all through the venue all Saturday 15th.

Synod Reports

Synod 2010 has a number of reports available. To see the reports, click here.

About Synod 2010

This year Synod is being hosted by the Bethany Congregation at Raceview. This Congregation meets in a Church that is also collocated with the Bethany Primary School. Raceview Congregation is part of the Ipswich Parish and is served by Pastors John O'Keefe and Tim Jarick and supported by an excellent support office.

The Ipswich area in general terms is booming! It is a fast growing area in terms of population and serves as a services hub for theregion.

It is alleged that Ipswich is the geographic centre of Lutherans in Queensland.

Ipswich has a long and distinguished history in the provision ofmining and heavy industry services. It is also the home of the famous Workshop Rail Museum. The museum is the venue for our Synod Dinner on the night of Saturday 15thMay 2010. At this venue we will be able to dine amongst some excellent railway history and also be part of somegreat entertainment. Tickets are $50 per person and places are limited.

Like many areas of Queensland experiencing rapid populationgrowth,Ipswich is also experiencing an influx of people from a widevariety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is posing new andexciting challenges for the Ipswich Parish as well as many otherLutheran parishes in Queensland as we try to ensure we stay connectedand relevant to new communities that are growing up around us.

The theme of All People – God's People recognizes that in 2010 we arebeing presented with opportunities to reach out to and work in new mission fields that are literally growing up in new suburbs, in-filling housing developments, high rises, town houses and apartments around us. The people in these new mission fields are from Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Asian countries, the Pacific Islands and of course our more traditional countries of Europe and America. Reaching out to our new non-Aussie, non-European neighbours in order to bring them to the word of Jesus requires us to learn (or re-learn) some skills and to be activists in witnessing to our new neighbours. It surprises many people when they learn that we have large, active and growing Chinese Lutheran congregations in Queensland. There is no reason why we would not also have large active and growing congregations with Sudanese, Middle Eastern and other backgrounds.

This year's synod also has workshop electives associated with it. The workshop electives are directly and deliberately aimed at informing, educating and equipping as many members of your congregations as possible so that they may be inspired and able to work in the mission fields we have already developed such as schools, community care facilities,and early learning centres. It is also deliberately aimed at inspiring and equipping your members so they may work in the mission fields of new communities that are growing up around us.

You are encouraged to bring as many members to one or more days of synod as possible. Yes it will cost some money. It costs money to put it on. We believe it will represent excellent value for money.

It is recognised that the business of synod must also continue.There are reports to be noted, issues to be discussed and more. LCAQD is also a large business and as well as a meeting of the Lutheran faithful and committed. We encourage you to ensure your delegates are young as well as old, new as well as experienced. We need your delegates to be empowered to make decisions and know they will 'stick'.

This year we will be posting reports on the web site. Copies will also be emailed to delegates and parishes and congregation offices.This alone will save several thousand dollars. If you have questions regarding the reports you will be encouraged to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that concerns will be able to be addressed prior to the convention.Hard copy reports will only be mailed by request and a charge will apply.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Michael Turner