Safety Management Online Title

An important part of ChildSafe is the online management system.

Some things ChildSafe makes possible are:

  • Record everyone in your congregation working with children/young people. Track completion of the steps involved in being appointed.
  • Record completion of relevant training.
  • Record the status of programs and events against ChildSafe's Permission to Proceed standards for Risk Management.
  • Allows users to login and access the processes relating to their level of appointment (Team Member, Team Leader, Coordinator).
  • Users can complete Online Training modules. Results are stored and once successfully completed the module is credited to a person's record.
  • Users can access and download resources (forms, training materials) relevant to their level of appointment.
  • Team Leaders are guided through the Permission to Proceed process. A comprehensive safety planning process is provided for activities and programs.
  • An Incident Reporting System provides facility for the recording and analysis of incidents within your congregation.
  • All information is securely stored online.
Congregation leaders, and all involved in ministry to children and youth are required to attend a Professional Standards Workshop where they will be introduced to ChildSafe as a Team Member. Those responsible for a congregation’s ministry to children and youth can participate in further Team Leader training. Congregations may also appoint two Coordinators who monitor personnel, approve programs and report to Church/Parish Council.
If you would like to know more, please contact Elizabeth Kloeden.