Good ideas can go begging because you just don’t have the money

Have you ever had a good idea for the mission of your congregation, but the congregation couldn’t do it because it cost too much? Would $25,000 help? Well, now’s your chance to try again.

For the ninth year in a row, the Lutheran Laypeople’s League is offering a grant of up to $25,000 for a congregation in the Queensland District to put a good mission idea on the ground locally. Last year’s recipients developed Community Engagement between college and church for the purpose of Spiritual Development. You will hear a report of their progress at synod.

Do you have any good ideas to advance the work of the Gospel where you are? Get some people together and get the ideas together, and send in a submission for this grant. The successful submission will be announced at the next District Synod.

A few things to think about as you shape your proposal:

  • You may apply for an amount less than $25,000 if that is appropriate.

  • You may reapply if you were unsuccessful in a previous year

  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish – we know that changing hearts and lives is the work of the Holy Spirit, but how do you expect your project to support that divine work?

  • What results do you expect to come from this project? What will change as a result?

  • Are there any risks or negative aspects or possible unintended consequences?

  • How wide is the support for this project within the congregation? It is obviously more helpful if a wide cross-section of the congregation, including its leadership, are firmly behind the idea, rather than only a small group.

  • Does your project need funding beyond the initial $25,000? If so, how do you anticipate finding that funding?

  • Does the project involve staffing, buildings, resources, training? Think about how you will manage that.

  • You will be asked to provided appropriate reports to the Director of Ministry & Mission through the year, and a report in person at Synod next year, as a well as an article for the Lutheran.

Please use the form below and only attach extra pages if really necessary. Your proposal must arrive at the District Office (email is fine) by the close of business on Monday 9 April, 2018. The email address to use is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post to: PO Box 1535, Milton, 4064

DOWNLOAD: Mission Stimulus Grant Application Form or Mission Stimulus Grant Application Form (PDF)