Templates and Protocol re DCC Decisions

As part of an ongoing programme to improve governance, District Church Council (DCC) has approved the introduction of a number of templates and protocols for use by Parishes, Congregations and Departments of the District.

These templates are an exciting innovation in that they, for the first time, provide a direct means (other than a letter) to allow Congregations and Parishes to engage District Church Council and seek approval, guidance or decisions on a wide range of activities.

The members of DCC are also (essentially) the Directors of a very large enterprise, the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD) and must by necessity work through a large volume of business each meeting.

The DCC, in its monthly meeting will, after prayers, address all decision / advice or guidance required requests that have been placed on the agenda first.  Requests that are put on the agenda for DCC in accordance with the templates will, in general, provide the information DCC members need, in a standard format that allows them to quickly understand issues and make informed considered decisions.

As a matter of protocol all templates must be accompanied by a Memo and other supporting documents. The guidance given in the Supporting Information documents should be followed.


1 DCC Department Report

This is the template used by Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ), Lutheran Community Care (LCC), Lutheran Youth Queensland (LYQ) and Council for Ministry and Mission (CMM) to report to DCC

3 Congregation Initiated Synod Resolutions
These templates are designed to assist Congregations in framing resolutions that may be included in the Book of Reports to go to a District Convention of Synod.
3 New Borrowing Limit

These templates are relevant to the Department for Lutheran Education Queensland. The templates require DCC to set and approve a maximum limit a School / College / QLECS may borrow to. They require a formal submission to DCC via the Risk Audit and Finance Committee.

3 Seal Use

These documents provide information and rules concern the signing of documents under the Seal of the LCAQD.  In most cases they are relevant to Departments although Congregations may seek to have various contracts signed under seal from time to time. These documents ultimately come to the District Executive Officer who holds the seal.

3 New Borrowings

These templates are relevant to all LCAQD entities including Congregations, Parishes and Departments of the District. The templates should also be accompanied with a completed and signed loan application form. Applications to borrow funds are also routed via the Risk Audit and Finance Committee. Departments also have an internal review process that often means a new borrowing may have gone through a number of council or committee stages before it reaches the Risk Audit and Finance Committee.

4 Council Appointment

These templates are relevant to all LCAQD entities including Congregations, Parishes and other Standing Committees of the District. A number of additional specific to purpose templates may be added. You should note that these templates are routed to DCC via the Nominations Committee.

3 Guidance Decisions

This area is of special significance to Parishes and Congregations.  It is expected that most issues that Parishes and Congregations seek a DCC decision or guidance on will be addressed to DCC using this set of templates. A cover memo must be completed to accompany the template. Departments will also use this template as required. These submissions are routed to DCC via the District Executive Officer.

3 Budget
These templates are relevant to Departments of the District.  They require Departments to seek formal approval for their planned budgets from DCC and route their submissions via the Risk Audit and Finance Committee of the DCC for review and recommendations.
4 Property
This set of templates must be used for property related decisions.

You should note that most property is held in the name of the LCAQD, therefore the buying or selling of property will need a decision to be made by the Directors of LCAQD (DCC).

You are requested to note the term Reassignment of Beneficial Use is used in these templates. In the case where property is held in the name of the District (LCAQD) and it is proposed that a portion of the land be changed in use from, for example, a Church purpose to a School or some other District related purpose, it is appropriate to complete a template formally recognising a reassignment of beneficial use of land and seek DCC approval for this activity.

The templates must also be used for leasing of property in the name of the LCAQD 

The spread sheet is provided to assist Congregations and other Queensland District entities calculate their potential accommodation needs. It is expected that in the event a congregation or other entity seeks to renovate, buy, build or otherwise make changes to their property portfolio they may complete an accommodation needs analysis template to assist in their calculations.

The templates require the proposals to go via the Risk Audit and Finance Committee of the DCC for review and recommendations. 

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