Governance and Policies


27 Templates and Protocol re DCC Decisions

As part of an ongoing programme to improve governance, District Church Council (DCC) has approved the introduction of a number of templates and protocols for use by Parishes, Congregations and Departments of the District.

These templates are an exciting innovation in that they, for the first time, provide a direct means (other than a letter) to allow Congregations and Parishes to engage District Church Council and seek approval, guidance or decisions on a wide range of activities.

The members of DCC are also (essentially) the Directors of a very large enterprise, the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD) and must by necessity work through a large volume of business each meeting.

The DCC, in its monthly meeting will, after prayers, address all decision / advice or guidance required requests that have been placed on the agenda first.  Requests that are put on the agenda for DCC in accordance with the templates will, in general, provide the information DCC members need, in a standard format that allows them to quickly understand issues and make informed considered decisions.

As a matter of protocol all templates must be accompanied by a Memo and other supporting documents. The guidance given in the Supporting Information documents should be followed.