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What are the responsibilities of Congregations when it comes to supplying Telephones and other Office equipment?

Keith Stiller
Date added:
Sunday, 30 January 2011
Last revised:
Thursday, 27 January 2011
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Please note the following:

  1. The latest LCA Pastor Salary and Allowances 2011 document outlines in Para 6.4 obligations for the provision of office equipment and fit out.
  2. The Congregation is obliged to provide office equipment and consumables to support the eligible person in an office environment.
  3. This obligation includes the provision of phones and internet connections and implicitly the payment for consumables ie the internet connection and phone calls.
  4. Pastors are expected to use congregation provided office equipment for work related activities. This includes congregation provided phones and internet connections.
  5. Pastors may, of course, also choose to have a private phone for personal activities and pay for that. One should not be confused with the other.
  6. District Office encourages all congregations to have a unique phone number and email address that stays with the congregation irrespective of who the pastor may be. A consistent contact 'face' to the community must be presented at all times. Depending on local arrangements, that consistent unique phone number to the community may be a traditional land line phone number or a mobile phone number. It is expected that this consistent 'face' will be publicised in White Pages, Notice Boards and other media.
  7. District Office does not encourage the establishment of 'arrangements' whereby confusion about ownership of phone numbers, responsibility for payment of bills, and other problems that may arise from agreeing to less formal management and accountability structures.
  8. At the national level a new contract with Telstra has recently been negotiated that will, apart from providing good rates, simplify the ordering, maintenance and support of telephones. More on this soon from the national office.


An extract from the LCA Pastor Salary and Allowances 2011 document is below for your information.


6.4 Office Equipment and Fit Out

Eligible employing entities such as congregations, parishes, schools, and aged care facilities are to provide office equipment and consumables to support the eligible person in an office environment. This will include:

  1. Computer hardware, software, printers, faxes, copiers, phones and internet connections.
  2. Office furniture to be compliant with AS/NCS standard
  3. Lighting to be compliant with ANZ standards
  4. Security equipment appropriate to the site, in a lockable office
  5. Safe / lockable filing cabinet
  6. Smoke / Fire detector