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Can our congregation charge for use of the church?

Keith Stiller
Date added:
Saturday, 10 March 2012
Last revised:
Saturday, 10 March 2012
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Charges for use of the church are allowed. Simply have your church council (or congregation meeting, if that is your way of doing things) decide on a policy, and perhaps draw up a small leaflet setting out charges, including how that applies to members.

The LCAQD is in favour of congregations using their facilities to generate income that can then be used to support and fund mission in to the local community.

You may charge a fee for hire of church plant. On the district web site under main menu / documents / property you will find a model license agreement that you may find useful.

The main thing that needs to be taken into account when charging for the actual service is the question of how this affects your stewardship of the gospel. By giving these services free of charge, you may be helping people gain an appreciation of the no-strings-attached nature of God’s grace in Jesus. We would never charge for church attendance or baptisms, for instance. How does a wedding or funeral compare with this? It’s a matter of judgement, but that is what I would want to take into account. Your pastor also needs to be comfortable about this. I am aware that some pastors hold very strong views (one way or the other) about this issue, so you need to consult with him.  The amount of money you would generate from this is probably not going to be enough to be worth a major controversy.